The name ABRAM stands for “Associação BRaços Abertos ao Mundo.”

In English, it means “association with open arms to the world”.

This is a strange name for a non-profit organisation from Luxembourg!

There are several reasons for this:

1. We started our first actions in a Portuguese-speaking country, Brazil.

2. Luxembourg has a strong Portuguese-speaking community, so it is no longer really a foreign language.

2. In both Portuguese and Spanish, “Abram!” is the second person plural of the present imperative of the verb “to open”: “Open! Our action is under the banner of openness.

Openness to the world, openness to others, openness of mind, openness to the new.

3. Abram is also the name of the man who is at the origin of the three great monotheisms. Although our association does not claim to belong to any particular religion, the unifying and founding figure of the patriarch seems inspiring to us. Firstly, because we are convinced that humanity has much more in common than its many areas of discord. Secondly, because, as the saying goes, “faith moves mountains”. And every project starts with an act of faith in the future.

In short, ABRAM is a Luxembourg association open to all cultures and willing to deploy its action in favour of those who prepare the world of tomorrow: more just, more grounded, more respectful, more responsible… 

In short, a more open world!