Semeando, hope sowers.

Semeando is a direct intervention project against hunger and extreme poverty. With fifteen families directly engaged in this human adventure, about two hundreds persons are concerned by urban familial agriculture project in the heart of the most disadvantaged neighborhood in the town of Cavalcante, in the north-east of the Brazilian state Goiás, at about 320 kilometers in the north of the federal capital Brasilia. Read next

Piodoki 2016, Kilombo’s pioneers.

Solidaire eco-ethnotourism and bioconstruction in the heart of the Cerrado. The Piodoki 2016 project is born from the metting of a vital need of a afro-indigenous community of Brasil and the voluntary engagement of a young Europeans  group. Read next

Tailors of a better world.

This project fits in the frame of lasting development and equitable trading. It has for objectives to create a clothing co-operative and a permanent tailoring school. Read next